Small living – Big experiences

by Jelane A. Kennedy

“So, where is the rest of your rig?” asked the gentlemen in the gatehouse of the RV campground.

“This is it!” I responded.

I think this is the question that most people think when they see us pull into a campground. We look like just your ordinary van but inside is our house and home. It is not until we are plugged in and the top is in the popped up mode that folks really get a sense of our unique and special abode. Almost every time we go camping we have people wander by our van with curious stares. Typically we are the smallest rig in the campground, the only other smaller RV is the occasional VW Vanagon or Eurovan.

It is not unusual for us to give tours of our RV to other campers. We have had a chance to share the characteristics of our home away from home at almost every place we have visited. We probably have had more people see the inside of our RV than we have had people tour permanent home. It is definitely a conversation starter. Hidden in our van is cabinetry for storage, a two-burner stove, a small dorm size refrigerator and a sink. We also have a microwave and a small room air conditioner. The lower bunk is a generous full sized bed and in the upper tent bunk we have a smaller undersized full bed. The lower bunk can be converted into a sofa and the passenger seat swivels to make a living room.

Traveling in the van, I have learned that it really is just as much about the journey as it is the destination. This wasn’t always the case. I use to think that I needed to rush to where ever I was going and that to drive for 10 -12 hours straight was what you did. What I have learned is that kind of driving really is not what it is all about if you are “traveling” plus it is not sustainable if we plan to be gone for multiple days or weeks. To travel I must “see” and to “see” I must slow down and take my time.  Some days we might make 300 miles and some days maybe it is 50 miles. It all depends on what crosses our path.

The great thing about being small is that we can go just about anywhere! Sometimes it might be a super highway or in the middle of a road being constructed around us. Our favorites usually are small, quieter, State Highways. We can park in the average parking lot and be mistaken for your run of the mill van. There are no limits. It also means we can camp in a RV site with electricity or in a tent site without electrical hook-up.

Over this time I have learned a lot about living in small spaces. The give and take of sharing that is required to live so intimately, both with someone and with nature. There has come a deeper appreciation for the diversity of our country, in both the people and places that I have had the privilege to visit. It has become a whole new community.

This blog will be about our travels. We will write about what we see, do and experience. For us no matter how close or far away we travel there is something to learn. Our accommodations may be small but our adventures are big.

(c) 2012 Jelane A. Kennedy

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10 Responses to Small living – Big experiences

  1. JB & SG says:


  2. pberkowitz1 says:

    Love it. Keep on posting!!!

  3. Deb Smith says:

    Great start–I love the photo! –djs

  4. Jayne says:

    Enjoyed reading your blog!

  5. Paula Carr says:

    wonderful reading! Keep the post coming!

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