Weekly Photo Challenge – Transition

By Jelane A. Kennedy

I was inspired recently by the idea of the weekly photo challenge. So I’m breaking my promise to only blog once a month and am hoping to add to this blog via the photo challenge. Although I know I won’t probably participate each week, this week’s theme really caught my attention.

The theme: Transition.

I chose a photo that I took in August in Burlington, Vermont. The photo to me really speaks of the sense of transition. Is the storm receding to the right or is it proceeding to the left?

Storm watch on Island Trail

Watching the storm gather while biking the Island Trail. Photo by Jelane A. Kennedy

Travel, which this blog is about, to me, is a lot about transition. Where am I headed? What will the experience be? Whether I’m traveling to someplace or traveling home, I’m in transition, a state of change. Change in an obvious form and an intentional reminder of the constant state of change around us. The photo also speaks to me of the yin and yang of an experience. Can I grasp beginners mind and be open to change or am I caught in fear holding on?

Questions I’m asking right now.

© 2015 Jelane A. Kennedy

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2 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge – Transition

  1. artsenclave says:

    I love this idea! The photo is so evocative!

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