Weekly Photo Challenge: Eye-spy

By Jelane A. Kennedy

It’s ironic this week’s photo challenge theme is “eye spy”. It has been and important eye week for us as has the last nine months. But let me start from the beginning.

When Eileen first introduces herself she always says, “my name is Eileen”, then she points to her eye and says “Eye” and leans to right, “lean”. And everyone gets a chuckle.

This last year has been all about Eileen’s eye, in March she was diagnosed with eye cancer. Yes, you are probably saying to yourself, “I’ve never heard of eye cancer” it is an uncommon cancer, not usually a primary cancer. It is not considered hereditary but her little sister also was diagnosed with the same cancer years ago and is a survivor.

Since treatment was not available locally we have had to travel. This led us to medical adventures in Philadelphia and Boston. We learned more than we wanted to about how broken our health care system is and the disjointed patient care system, ultimately, Eileen’s journey ending with Proton Beam treatment in Boston.

This photo was taken right after surgery. I call this her Super Woman pose, conquering cancer!

Eileen as we are leaving after surgery.

Eileen as we are leaving after surgery.

This week was her first six-month appointment, back in Boston. That visit was a thumb up visit; we will plan for the same outcome in June. As we took the Boston T back to our car, Eileen notice an African American man with tears running down his face, she reached into her pocket and removed a pack of Kleenex. As we exited the train she handed him the pack and squeezed his arm. I asked, “Did you see what happened?” “No” she responded “he just looked like he needed a Kleenex”, one of the things that endears Eileen to me is her compassion for others.

So this week: The eyes have it!

© 2015 Jelane A. Kennedy

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8 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge: Eye-spy

  1. Leslie says:

    Eileen sorry to hear about the eye cancer. Glad you found a good place in Boston for treatment
    Also happy that your follow up was a thumbs up👍👏

  2. Linda G Kaplan says:

    Omg…so sorry to hear of Eileen’s challenge but happy that she found the right treatment! She is both a super strong Firebird and a truly compassionate dove….love to you both….and Happy Holidays!

  3. Margo and Carole says:

    What an incredible story. Thanks for sharing. We wish you continued success for on-going recovery!!!
    Kind regards,
    Margo and Carole, former owners of a 2004 GTRV, presently in SE Asia for six months

  4. Jennifer Brown says:

    Good news! So glad to hear it. And Sue’s new hip is working well and recovery is steady one week after the surgery. Maybe in April we can come into the city and celebrate with you both!

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