Weekly Photo Challenge: Circle

By Jelane A. Kennedy

How does Fireworks fit into the theme Circles? When most fireworks explode in the sky they create circles of colors. Fireworks, are used in most cases to mark an event, they are used in celebration and for entertainment. Humans have used fireworks since the 12th century when they were invented in China.

Fireworks for us became part of your New Years, when a few years ago we began attending 1st Night in Saratoga Springs. Before going to 1st night, New Years Eve was just another day in many ways. We would have a nice dinner, watch a little TV, may be even get a movie. But usually before midnight we would be off to bed. Not a bad way to spend New Years Eve. But now that we have included this event it has felt like we really reset the clock. We look forward to New Years Eve, we have our favorite things to do and it has become more of a ritual.

This New Years Eve in particular has felt like we needed a re-set, re-boot, re-treat, what ever might be the right word. 2015 felt like a year of ups and downs so we found our selves reviewing the year. On New Years Eve afternoon while on a walk in the woods we recounted what we were thankful for in the year.

Then we found ourselves enjoying the festivities of the night. We had come full circle and we were ready for a new year. So the fireworks set off in Congress Park that lit up the winter sky was the re-boot.

The next morning we discussed the plans we had in the New Year. What would be our priorities and how we wanted to approach 2016, being more conscious and mindful of our choices. We know we both want to travel more, write more, spend time with friends and find the balance that makes most sense for us. A new circle begins.

© 2016 Jelane A. Kennedy

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3 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge: Circle

  1. Jennifer Brown says:

    Wishing you both a great 2016! Hope our circles intersect in the course of this circle round the sun.

  2. Mabel Kwong says:

    Brilliant shots of the fireworks. Love the multi-colour one – such striking lights lighting up the sky. Good luck for the new year. Best wishes and hope you two get to travel 🙂

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